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News and Reviews

 Hidden Valley Classic MTB, Coolah, 15 Sept 2013

There were a number of Mudgee Cycle Club members, and local Mudgee MTBers, who made the trip up to Coolah on 15 Sept to take part in the Hidden Valley Classic MTB event. The course was a tight twisting track, which this year proved to be even sandier than last year (thanks to the extremely dry pre race weather), with many riders finding the conditions tricky and tiring to ride in.

Of all the Mudgee riders taking part Cameron Whiteside had the best result, finishing 1st in the Over 45’s 28.5km event, with many other Mudgee riders, like myself, just happy to finish the 57km event.


Tour of the Mersey Valley, Tasmania 21st/22nd April, 2012

Ayden Toovey and Jordan Payne both travelled to Tasmania last weekend to compete with their respective teams – Real Aussie Kids and Racing Kangaroos in the under 19’s.

The weekend produced some fantastic results and some dissappointments. Fortunately the rain held off for the first event of Saturday  – the time-trial  over 24kms. Overall there were 61 competitors in the under 19’s –  all the best riders on sponsored teams from all over Australia.  Jordan’s time of 33.45 was 21st in the field and Ayden 47th.  Both outstanding results in a strong field, and Ayden saving himself sufficiently for the afternoon’s  road race.

Jordan – Racing Kangaroos

The road race was a gruelling 93km race with big hills in wet and cold conditions.  Inclines of up to 14% didn’t stop Ayden and Jordan staying with the bunch.  Unfortunately for Jordan and early in the race,  he had to break for a bend and in doing so locked up his back wheel and skidded on the tar.  Being injured he was forced to return to the start.

Ayden however continued to the end, staying with the bunch. The last 10km sorted out the pack with riders dropping off like flys on the steep incline to the finish. Ayden had the staying power coming an incredible 11th place out of 61 riders.

Sunday was another even harder 117km road race in the rain, cold and fog.  It consisted of a number of varying laps on hilly terrain.  Although the hills were not as long, the inclines were steeper – up to 20%.

Ayden – Real Aussie Kids

The riders were challenged early in the race, causing the peleton to divide into 3 main bunches at the front and other riders dropping off early. Ayden at this stage was in the 2nd bunch and Jordan in the 3rd.  Once again, Jordan was struck with some bad luck.  About 60km into the race, when a group of 4 riders crashed, Jordans’ front wheel ran over a bike – as a result cracking his front forks. He was unable to continue the road race.

Ayden continued his battle in the 2nd bunch, tackling constant and consequetive hills.  He managed to stay with his pack, finishing 15th out of 61 riders!  He was less than two minutes behind Caleb Ewan.

Awsome effort to both boys and we look forward to your next tour.




Bathurst Hill Climb and Criterion (Sat) and Blayney to Bathurst  (Sun)

21st and 22nd April, 2012

A good show of Mudgee Cycle Club Juniors and Seniors went to Bathurst on the weekend to compete in the Hill Climb and the Crits at Mount Panorama.  Weather was fantastic for Saturday with the following impressive results, particularly in the juniors:

(Some of our juniors had completed a week of coaching (jock, hamish, josh and cal)- riding hundreds of kilometres,including hills and efforts,  during the week and then backed up for Saturday and Sunday!)

Hill Climb:

Josh – Racing Kangaroos Team

Under 15’s:  Josh Toovey 2nd, Hamish Burke 3rd 

Under 17’s:  Jock Whiteside finished strongly middle of the pack with about 37 riders

Jock and Callum in the bunch

Criterion:  There were about 20 to 24 in each of the junior crits with some very talented riders from all over the state.

Under 11’s: Daniel Fileman (first year) showed he is a budding cyclist coming 8th in his division!

Daniel Fileman with dad

Under 15’s:  Josh Toovey 2nd with an exciting sprint finish with 1st (Cameron Scott),  Hamish Burke came 6th beating many older competitors in this age division.  Henry Whiteside showed a huge effort in staying with the bunch for the majority of the laps and completing the full circuit. Awsome effort!

Under 17’s.  Jock Whiteside backed up again in the criterion.  Jock and Callum both stayed with the bunch for the full circuit, with Jock making a brave move on the 2nd last lap to the lead.  Both finished strongly and were there for the finish with Callum in 8th position and Jock finishing in the bunch sprint.

Two very cool dudes!

Open Divisions

Mens Division 1 and 2 consisted of the following riders:  Mitchell Riley, Tom Armstrong, Robert Foxall, Marty Fileman and Greg Burke.  Not sure of the exact results but well done to all competitors for having the guts to do it!


Blayney to Bathurst – 70km and 120km rides

Some of the Mudgee Cycle Club RidersBurky heads towards the finish

Blayney to Bathurst saw a less than perfect day as far as weather was concerned with a late start to the day.  Both rides (70km and 120km) were scenic and hilly.  (I even enjoyed the ride and that is saying something). Mudgee riders who tackled the 120km ride included Tony Rae and Carl Hollerman.  The 70km short course included Nick McDonald, Henry Whiteside,  Hamish Burke, Josh Toovey, Jock Whiteside, Callum Payne, Tom Armstrong and Mitchell Riley in the juniors.  The seniors included Stu Clifford, Rick and Kim Thomas, Greg Burke, Sean McDonald, Robert Foxall, Cameron Whiteside and myself.

Burkey heads towards the finish

I must say that is was good day all round even though the weather turned slightly ,it was perfect for riding with no wind.  Whilst there was several accidents, some bad, we all managed to stay on our bikes (as far as I know).  Well done to everyone.    Nicolette


Bathurst Club Race – 8 April 2012

Another visit to Bathurst on Sunday morning to contest their club race. 12 riders from Mudgee made the trip for a 45km handicap race on what is called the crossroads course.  This course starts at Perthville and heads out towards Trunkey Creek.  About 10km into the race the course goes up with a stepped climb which is about 4km in length.  You travel out to the Newbridge turnoff and then return via the same road to the normal finish line.  Henry Whiteside was off 5min with his father Cameron off 10min with Hamish, Rick Thomas, Col Yule and Callum off 16min, Burkey, Jock, Josh and myself off 18 min, and Jordan and Ayden off scratch (26min) with Blair Windsor and Harry Carter of Bathurst.  The separate bunches stayed together until the start of the 4km climb when everything, as expected, split.  Burkey, Jock, Josh and myself caught Rick and Yuley’s group at the start of the climb.  Jock, Callum and Josh and one rider from Bathurst gapped the rest of the two groups on the climb and rode away.  Burkey got into a small group behind and Yuley, Rick and myself tried to stay together to catch.  Towards the end of the climb I managed to tag onto a faster group coming through and bridged across to Burkey.  Rick and Yuley didn’t make the group and fell behind.  Rick as cunning as usual then got the next group through catching us just before the turnaround.  A reasonable large and fast group formed and started to reel in the front markers catching Cameron and Henry not long after the turnaround.  If you didn’t get onto this group it was race over and unfortunately a few Mudgee riders couldn’t stay with the group (Cam, Henry, Yuley and Rick).  The group then caught up with the breakaway group of Jock, Josh and Callum who were able to latch on and stay with the growing bunch up some short hard climbs.  Not long after the turnaround we could see the scratch group of Blair, Ayden and Jordan motoring in the other direction and we knew it was only a matter of time before they would catch the bunch we were in.  The bunch then caught up with Hamish and he did a great job to hand on.  The large bunch was now at the front and going as fast as possible to stop the scratch bunch from catching.  Just before the downhill run into Georges Plains the scratchies caught the bunch and the speed picked up dramatically to stay with them.  The bunch pretty much stayed together until about 4km from the finish when Burkey, Jordan, Ayden, Blair, Josh and a couple of other riders broke away to contest the finish.  Blair Windsor 1st, Ayden 3rd, Jordan and Josh top 10.  Many of the Mudgee riders hung on to finish in the bunch which was a great effort considering the pace of the race and the tough course.  With 12 Mudgee riders making the trip the Bathurst Club was glad we made the trip as the Bathurst numbers were down a little due to the Easter weekend.

Next Race:  Blayney to Bathurst (22/4/12) and Ayden and Jordan are off to Tasmania on the same weekend for the Tour of the Mersey Valley.




Newcastle Racing – Kermese – Saturday 31st March, 2012

This weeks racing was at Newcastle with the Orica Kermese.  This race is held on a very flat 7km circuit with the race normally being very fast with attacks aplenty.This would really be the first race to assess the form of all the Mudgee riders, with 13 local riders starting.  Whilst performances at Bathurst races recently showed good form, this first open race would be the real test.

Mens A grade (under 19)

Jordan and Ayden specifically wanted to race A grade at the start of the season to test their form.  Both have been training exceptionally well, so an email was sent to the handicapper to put them in A grade.  Both young men are 16 and would be up against some of the best riders in the state.  Would they hang on.  10 laps of the 7km course was in front of them.  The race started hard with attacks occurring regularly and breaks getting away but not succeeding.  Riders were getting dropped regularly with the pace. After a good hard race  both boys stayed near the front of the bunch which ended in a bunch sprint, both finishing in the bunch.  Average speed 43.5km/h.  After the race both said that they felt comfortable and were not at risk of being dropped.


Mens C Grade

Burkey and Mitchell lined up for C grade (9 laps) with Mitchell under strict instructions to sit in the bunch for the first 8 laps.  This was a tough grade with plenty of attacks and a small group breaking away until the last lap.  Mitchell had the best race he’s had for a while and was still in the bunch for the final sprint.  I asked the question last week if Burkey could be beaten in a sprint.  The answer came this week and he can be beaten, although a crash about 500m out upset his preparation for the spring. Good hard race for both guys to start the season.  Average speed 40.5km/h.




Mens D Grade

The old fox (Rick) and yours truly lined up for D grade (8 laps).  Another hard race with plenty of attacks.  Rick once again showed during the race, that experience counts for plent.  He covered lots of moves and recovered well to contest the sprint with 40 other riders to finish 4th.  Great result for Rick who is back racing this year after taking last year off.  This was the hardest race I’ve done and I also finished in the sprint.  The averages speed explained why I found it so tough (39.4kp/h).



Mens E Grade

Marty Fileman contested the second race of his cycling career, the first not being such a great experience.  Clearly nervous before the start Marty went out and had a great race.  Held on and stayed in the bunch until the finish.  Great race Marty and the addiction to cycling is now complete.  Average speed 35.8kp/h.




Under 17’s

Callum Payne lined up for his first race in the under 17’s.  This is Callum’s first year in this age category and with their being no B grade, had to race against a pretty strong field with many of the other riders a year older.  Nervous before the start he commented that he would likely get dropped early.  Callum has started to train really well of late and should be able to hang on to the bunch.  Well, Callum surprised everyone including himself, by racing extremely well, staying with the bunch for the whole race, contesting the final sprint and finishing 4th.  Great result Callum.



Under 15’s

Josh and Hamish, the two Racing Kangaroos, lined up for the 15’s.  Both boys were likely to do well in this race, but you don’t know how the other guys in this grade are training.  The training these boys are doing now is really paying big dividends.  Hamish is a first year 15 and Josh a second year, so it was suspected Josh would do well and Hamish would finish with the bunch.  Both boys attacked a few times to test the field, but it finally came down to a bunch sprint with Josh clearing away from the field to get an easy win and then Hamish winning the sprint for second.  Great result for the Mudgee boys.  Josh is looking really good for this year.



Under 13’s

Yes, another Toovey starts his cycling career.  This time its Will lining up for his first race in the U13 age group.  Only a small field to compete with due to a small number of entries, Will won the boys race.  Will has shown at track racing in recent weeks that like his two brothers, he has a natural talent for the endurance demands of cycling.  We will hear a lot more about this young rider in coming months as he gets the opportunity to race against boys his own age and I’m sure gets a few victories along the way.


Womens B Grade

Kim and Nicolette lined up for the separate womens race. This was Nicolette’s first cycle race and it was going to be interesting to see how she went.  Racing with the experienced Kim was a big plus in her first race.  A and B grade women would race together with a field of 20 riders.  Due to the number of women entries this is the first year a women’s only race has been held in this event.  Combining the two grades into the one race made it a tough race with many of the B grade riders getting dropped as the pace picked up.  Kim held on for most of the race but the pace eventually saw her go out the back.  To Nicolette’s surprised, and a lot of hard work and suffering, she was able to hang on to finish a couple of hundred metres behind the sprinting pack of A graders.  5th place in the B grade riders.  Well done. She’s not sure if she will continue to do cycle racing as ‘it hurts too much.’ Average speed was 36.5kph


Newcastle Invitational Race – Sunday 1st April, 2012

Kim and Rick both came third in their respective categories on Sunday, 1st. The field was large and the weather warm!